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Praneeth V. from Curious Science & Learning secured 2nd rank in the state level and 3rd rank in the National level at 2018 Math Kangaroo Competition. This highly prestigious national level math competition encourages all level school students to reach their potential in Math and apply the concepts to the real-world applications.

Mukundh M. from Curious Science & Learning wins the 2nd place in the 2016 National Chemistry Challenge at the Massachusetts state competition. This highly prestigious national level competition encourages middle school students to explore chemistry concepts and their real-world applications.

Curious Science & Learning students win the 3rd place in the 2015 MIT science Bowl competition at Cambridge MA. The team “Curious Keen” consists of five middle school students (Jennifer, Darshana, Linda, Shri & Jerry) compete with many top schools in the state. Read the news article published on the “Patch” (Click here to read the news article).

Congratulation Praneeth, to become the 6th place at the state level for the 2015 National Chemistry competition.
Congratulations to the 2015 Regional Science Competition Winner from Curious Science & Learning. They will compete in the state level. Good Luck to them and we hope, they will go to the National Level.
Curious Science students had a great time in the Spring 2014, learning stem cell research at Tufts University Cancer Biology Medical Center.
Curious Science students receive the 2nd place winner at the MIT workshop (Spring 2014) on "Mechanical Motorized Lego Vehicle".
Students from Curious Science & Learning was announced as the Winner of the Cool Science on "Climate Change".



As the name says - Curious Science brings the curiosity in the kids to learn science in all different adventurous ways. Dr. Bish, Mamta, Laura and Rosina takes extra care in doing things differently at Curious Science - Science Day is an outstanding example. I was moved by their motivation and hardworking nature and i addressed it personally in my daughter's private Birthday Party Science Show by Curious Science. To me - Knowledge is the only power and if the knowledge is injected in to the kids brain in terms of hands-on-experiment, fun and workshop, it becomes everlasting and memorable. I wish almighty to give all strength to Curious Science to fly up with colors. I highly recommend others to involve with this unique curriculum, who wants their child learn, motivate and develop leadership skills towards science in a fun filled way.
Bami, Chelmsford, MA

This is a great science program. My kids love coming to the classes and learning something new about science in each class. The teachers are nice and make learning fun in the class room through hands-on-experiments.
Rit, Billerica, MA
This Science program is very good and it certainly creates interest and enthusiasm among kids about science with hands on learning and explanation. Having a lesson of a topic, a test, homework and hands-on-activity in one class is very impressive and I can say that the kids are really learning something new in every session. Dr. Bish and teachers are very good at explaining to kids and considers the feedback from parents. I am very much impressed with this program and would definitely recommend others.
Bharathi, Hudson, NH
Our kids love "Curious Science & Learning" - they enjoy doing hands on experiments and learning everyday science facts in a fun filled way. The curriculum is nicely structured - the kids get to go do the hands on experiments, go on field trips to MIT and other institutes/museums and present their research to their classmates and other renowned scientists at the end of each term. Dr. Bish, Mamta and the rest of the team are very dedicated and resourceful! I readily recommend this program to all our aspiring future scientists!
Meyyappa, Tyngsborough, MA
I am happy to find Curious Science & Learning for my daughter who has a thirst to learn a lot in science. This program is designed to be interesting and fun learning with hands on experience for kids. The workshops conducted also play a special role in this program to get the ultimate level of exposure for kids. I like to appreciate Dr.Bish, Mamta and other staff of CSL for coordinating this program and giving a unique direction of easy learning science for kids. I definitely recommend others who have the thirst to learn science in a fun filled way.
Anu, Woburn, MA
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